Bio Puree - постачальник фруктового пюре. ЄВРОПА

Ми спеціалізуємось на виробництві пюре із заморожених та асептичних фруктів, поставляючи їх у всі галузі харчової промисловості - у всьому світі. Фруктове пюре можна використовувати для виробництва: морозива, коктейлів, лассі, соків, коктейлів, сорбетів, тортів, молочних продуктів, напоїв, джемів, фруктових препаратів, дитячого харчування (Doypack - мішечок), кондитерської, хлібобулочної та іншої харчової промисловості.

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Our clients are most important to us which is why we go overboard to see that everything is just right when it comes to the quality of our products.

  • We are here to assure you a safe food supply by following strict food safety policies.
  • We have committed to adopt the most modern techniques and latest technology and be a progressive partner to anyone that wants to associate with us.
  • Pure to Your Company only exist to serve you. we know with out you we would be nothing. We promise to always conduct ourselves in an honest, reliable and transparent way.

How It Works

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    Raw Fruits

    Raw Fruits, Cleaning and Sorting, Skin/Seed Removal, Heat Treatment

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    Evaporator, Formulation, Pasteurization, Packing Purees

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    Packing & Loading

    Packing & Loading

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Our activities: the development of top-of-the-range products based on high-quality natural ingredients for premium and/or specific uses.

About Us

With over 13 years in business, we know and have relationships with the growers, production and processing facilities who can handle any of your fruit ingredient needs.

  • No Surprises - Every day we strive to provide the highest quality of customer service – up and down our supply chain. To achieve extraordinary service requires a commitment to continual communication and as such we embrace a "no surprises" approach with our customers and supplier. Honesty and integrity are essential components to this approach and serve as the foundation upon which our company is built.
  • Built on Commitment to Quality – We guarantee it - Our facilities have the capacity and flexibility to meet all your most exacting specifications with fruits and vegetables grown and processed under the most stringent standards. And we guarantee it. Try our products in your labs and test kitchens. If they are not 100% to specification or don't meet your needs, we'll make it right.
  • Experience - Our extensive experience with high volume traditional fruits, combined with and berry specialty foods / flavors for Europe manufacturers, separates us from all other food and beverage ingredient suppliers. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations in every way possible and take pride in achieving this goal every day.